Why we created the Forksy Diet

Many of us live our lives without maintaining a proper diet and rarely associate our meals with our overall well-being. When you feel tired just after waking up or are unable to concentrate on one task for more than an hour, you almost never blame your nutrition. However, there’s growing scientific evidence that fatigue, lack of focus, sleep loss, and mood swings can all be treated with slight adjustments to our diet and lifestyle.

To our astonishment, there has yet to be an established diet aimed at helping people increase their energy and productivity. The diet market focuses heavily on weight loss and self-image. What’s more, most of today’s popular diets are one-size-fits-all solutions that disregard you and your progress. If you can’t afford an expensive personal coach, these diets will only provide you with general guidelines, a list of costly supplements, and nothing more.

And then there’s biohacking. Some people measure their bodily functions, analyze the data, and use a range of supplements and drugs to become their ‘supernatural’ selves. This approach is smart and promising, but also very complex and potentially dangerous. You shouldn’t practice it without a certain level of education, and there’s no scientific evidence to support the life-long outcomes of using such a method. Furthermore, full-scale biohacking treatments are insanely expensive and might cost you several of thousands of dollars, which to us, doesn’t seem like a viable wellness solution.

We believe that you don’t need to be a scientist or turn your lifestyle upside down to substantially increase your daily source of energy. Subtle changes in nutrition and lifestyle can have a significant impact on how fully we live our lives. All you need is a simple and interactive guide that takes into account your efforts and progress.

As a software development team, we joined our efforts with nutritionists and eating psychology coaches to sum up today’s leading scientific knowledge and practices and apply them to the Forksy Diet. This diet is a 6-week program that helps the average person to adopt the basic rules of nutrition to help them become more energetic and productive.
Each week of the Forksy Diet introduces a particular nutrition concept and explains how it affects different aspects of your life and well-being — including your mental clarity / sharpness, sleep quality, and your ability to concentrate and learn.

At first glance, the Forksy Diet might seem like a traditional diet with rules and a series of dos and don’ts. But no other diet adjusts to you, your progress, and supports you 24/7. To help you succeed, we’ve designed a virtual assistant— Forksy. She’s a robot-nutritionist that works as your personal coach and adapts the diet’s targets and tasks according to your personal progress. Forksy gives you advice, reacts to your meal choices, and helps you measure and evaluate your progress in a very easy manner. And the best thing about Forksy is that she is ready to help you improve your life right now.

We designed the Forksy Diet to be as simple as possible (with very straightforward guidelines and rules), while keeping it personalized for every user with the help of AI. By adopting some of Forksy’s advice, you're likely to feel better and see progress. When you make most of them a regular habit, you’ll continue to unlock your superpowers every day.

Start the Forksy Diet now and tell us how you feel in 6 weeks.

PS: The Forksy Diet is our first step towards lifestyle coaching automation platform we are building now. If you are a coaching company and want to create a bot with your own coaching program, please reach us at contact@getforksy.com.

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